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Toolkit for Online Entrepreneurship

Do you want to be an Online Coach and a Youtuber?

Do you need best and affordable tools and products to start your Online Entrepreneurship Journey?

If YES, Then read this entire article.

Tools and Technology make our life easy. Technology is the only way of progress going forward in any industry.

I love this quote of Elon Musk,

“I think that’s the single best piece of advice. Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”

— Elon Musk

The significant way to make things work online is by publishing more quality videos in your subject matter. Being a self-improvement professional it is quite important to add value and impart knowledge to your audience.

Always Remember, Recorded Videos are the Present and Future of digital coaching. Every trainer must create videos on their subject matter and communicate their ideas to the world. Videos are the best source of marketing and building your brand effortlessly. I am a great fan of building online products and here are the tools that I rely upon and I recommend this toolkit to everyone who would love to make their life easy and sophisticated.

I am giving you clickable links to buy few of these products directly from Amazon. Visit Shop to see all my recommendations.

Boya Microphone:

The quality of a video is totally decided by the quality of the audio. If the audio is low/jarring its too difficult for anybody to appreciate the content. So, investing on a good microphone is mission critical in video creation. Now when it comes to microphone there are so many brands available in the market. I have tried multiple microphones in the last few years and one microphone that I totally rely and recommend is from the brand BOYA. I use it for my YouTube videos, online classes and for my podcasts.

Check out this video. I have used Boya MM1 Shot gun microphone to record this video and I am a great fan of it.

DSLR Camera:

A lot of coaches have this question in their mind, should I buy an expensive camera? The straightforward answer to this question is NO, not at all required. I have a DSLR Camera because I am interested in shooting travel vlogs along with my subject matter videos.

Having a high end DSLR camera is a nice to have but not a must have equipment. To shoot for YouTube or Online courses, a good quality smartphone is more than enough. In case you are interested in spending on a good quality camera and don’t want to bother yourself with the tech of sophisticated lens and features then CANON EOS M50 is a great buy. I have this DSLR camera and I can tell you it has great autofocus and more than that extremely simple to use.

This camera is perfect for any beginner and the best part is it gives exemplary quality video. Check out the very first video I shot on this camera. I had no clue other than pressing the record button and I feel the camera has really done a good job in this video 🙂


If you want to do record your screen in online training or edit videos having a good laptop, or a desktop is very much necessary. If you want a decent laptop with excellent configuration, I recommend LENOVO Ideapad S540. Great performance with high end standards within a decent budget.

I am currently using this laptop for my webinars, online zoom classes, editing my videos and writing blogs, recording video courses and the performance is really excellent because it has 8 gb ram and 256 SSD along with 1 TB hard disk. I prefer 15.6 inches laptop for working, so if you need an excellent laptop grab this from a lenovo store or amazon.

Video Editing Software:

I have used Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Hit Film Express and Filmora. All of them are good. If you want an economical yet a magical software to edit your videos then the hands down winner is Filmora.  If you want to use free software for Mobile Video Editing Kinemaster is available and for other videos Hit film express is also a decent bet in the game.

video editing software

Audio Software:

When it comes to audio software, my one and only recommendation is Audacity. It can remove background noise, do wonders to your audio and will make you fall in love with its usability.

audio software

Screen Recording Software:

Recording your screen while training/teaching is very useful when you want to share your screen to your participants. Crowdcast, OBS, Loom all of them are good software. You can use Filmora to record your screen as well. I have used Camtasia as well. My all time favorite for streaming and screen recording is OBS studio.

screen recording software

Website Hosting:

 A lot of trainers still have this question whether I should have a website. If you are a personal brand or a company and if you have any idea of entering online entrepreneurship you will go nowhere without a website. Building a website is a must and the most important thing is having a reliable hosting service. I highly recommend BlueHost for the trustworthy hosting service.

Green Screen Background:

If you want to play with custom and virtual background in your videos, you must need the green screen set up. It is quite easy to set up if you buy green background cloth. I have been using it for creating my promotional videos and have found it so handy and worthy.

Photography background Kit:

If you use a background cloth you need a stand to place it. I have shared the link of the background kit that I use, the handles are strong and well built. You can try them too.

Tripod for Smartphone and DSLR camera:

I love my Amazon Basics Tripod, its been years and still its in fantastic condition. If you want to buy Tripod Amazon basics is affordable and highly reliable brand.

Google Slides:

If you want to create cutting edge presentations, then the best software is Google slides or Canva. Use ready made templates instead of building an entire presentation on your own. Templates are available in google, you can search templates for google slides and use the ones that suffice your need.

I hope you liked my recommendations, let me know if this article was useful in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks a lot Priya for such a informative article.
    Only one thing I found missing was lighting system. See if you could include in your next article

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