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About Priya

Hi, I am Padmapriya Ramkumar aka Priya and I strongly believe all of deserve the best in life.

Being born and raised in a middle class family where everyone believed that success means, you should graduate, get a job and have a stable living. Life has to be lived with security. So, Like many others in my family, I also graduated and got myself a full-time job in a reputed IT company. Life was smooth and secure as a software engineer. My family was proud of me. In fact, everybody thought i am living the best life being a computer engineer, working for a top company, traveling to the US and making money.

After working for more than a decade, I slowly started realizing that I was not living a life that I loved rather was living a life that satisfied the people around me. I had no complaints at work, but I knew for sure that I could do better.

All thru my life, I have been fascinated about the idea of traveling the world, being creative, enjoying the moments of life and living life on my own terms. Despite these dreams, I dare not leave my bubble of security and I kept telling myself that passion is just an illusion. I had no guts to act upon any of it because of the social beliefs that are thrust upon me right from my childhood like business is not suitable for women etc.. etc..

But when my daughter was born and every time I saw her cute face, I told her that “You will live a life of your dreams.” I wondered how can she be bold and courageous without getting stuck to social obligations if she is again raised by a mom who is scared to step out of her comfort zone. This idea was so profound and powerful in letting me take action.

I left my job and joined IATD to improve my confidence, public speaking skills and training capabilities. I started helping more people who are stuck without living their dream life. Today, I just work 10 days a month, travel a lot, make more money than my full-time job and spend more time with my loved ones. Now with lot of confidence I know my daughter need not get a full time job for a secured life. She is going to lead her life on her own terms because I am showing her how to live one.

With my own life experience, I strongly believe, if all of us develop ourselves with necessary skill sets and apply them in action to lead a life of our choice, anything is possible. “Training enables Transformation” and so, I want to help a lot more people to lead a life to their fullest potential. Every single time I hold a microphone to address a gathering or stand in front my students to train them, I tell myself, “This is MY PURPOSE – Truly, genuinely helping others to reach out to their dream life.”

Trust me, Life is more than security. Life is beautiful when you do what you want to do. To get there, enhance yourself. To get there, you need financial freedom. All my programs, ideas and talks will keep encouraging, motivating and inspiring you to get there.

Begin the Journey of your dreams…

For your success,

Padmapriya Ramkumar (Priya)

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