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How and why you should focus on creating digital assets in 2020?

How to create a digital asset?

Creating assets that can build your brand awareness and business growth is no easy task.  People in today’s world consume digital media content to formulate, modify and reinvent new ideas in every possible way. Right from a social media post to an online training program everything is a digital asset.

Today, there are so many experts and social media influencers who have mastered the art of communicating in digital media and getting conversions for their business. When your digital assets provide true value to your target audience it becomes a tool for growing your online business.  A lot of people do not understand the power of communicating through digital assets to build an organic following. So many online businesses FAIL TODAY because they don’t know how to nurture their audience with their brand image and value.

Undervaluing the power of digital assets could be a major drawback in your business growth. Blog posts, social media posts, pictures, presentations, spreadsheets, documents, website, illustrations, training materials all of these are nothing but digital assets and these are real assets because they build a pathway to showcase your expertise in a specific subject matter.

The question is why you should focus on creating valuable digital assets for your business?

Most of the trainers and coaches focus on providing good services but do not spend time in creating cutting edge products.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that –

“Knowledge that is not turned into a product is a wasted one”.

Today the business world is rapidly changing to complete digitalization. Especially the coaching industry is going through a massive change and eLearning consumers are growing to never before heights. This is the right time to design and develop the digital assets in your subject matter. When I say digital assets, it can be a video, an article, an instagram feed, facebook post, a recorded master class, a podcast, or an ebook, in simple anything that can add value to your audience in your area of expertise.

Let me quote,

“Until 2019, going online was a choice but in 2020 going online is your only chance to thrive in your business”.

How fast can your digital assets provide you a return on investment?

The real answer is “depends”… depends on various factors, the quality, the reach and first of all getting the right target audience.

Finding your target audience is the key to your success. It is easier said than done because today everybody’s cellphone is loaded with so much of digital content, getting attention for your digital assets is not quite an easy journey. If you read this article up until this point, it means I got your interest and am glad because you are one among the hundreds to whom this content is made accessible and only you chose to go through it.

With this one line, I believe you got the idea. Your target audience is out there amongst thousands of people who may not care what you do, but if your target audience get access to your content and they receive some value out of it, that definitely gives you a promising prospect.

You can also try your hand in promoting your digital assets through adverts in the initial phase. But the best is always organic growth.Because organic growth happens with true value, I am a great fan of Neil Patel who has created a cutting edge SEO (Search engine optimization) business with his blog posts. Every great business that thrives is only through solid substance and value added content that they share to the world.

Let us get this clear, when it comes to creating training products and value adds, the main investment is your TIME.  You might start a YouTube channel, podcast channel or create a training program and each of these assets will grow and provide you results in different timelines.

The return on investment will definitely take some time but with continuous learning and improvisation, your assets can respond to your business within few months to several years.

Why should you care about all this?

If you don’t care about building products today, you will soon regret for missing an enormous opportunity.  When you run a live class and provide your services to a client, you are serving a closed group, precisely a small audience. But when you have a digital asset, you need not be present when it is consumed by your target audience. For example, while you are asleep, someone can read your blog post and gain some perspective that you have presented, and still you are added immense value with this concept called “ANYTIME LEARNING”.

I run my YouTube channel GoldMage and I know when people are watching my videos, I am spending my time in creating another asset.

What a way to add value!!!

True human potential lies in creating something of your own. When i created my first online training course it was a great discovery to understand the power of creating products. Today I have a mission to create more training products online and serve my community.

Whilst all of us are part of the online world, true power lies not in the medium but in the hands of the user. You should use online platform to build your products.

(If you want to learn what are the high income skill sets in the solopreneur world and get started today, watch this video.)

It is high time we use all these platforms for inculcating a growth mindset in ourselves and focus more on designing and delivering value adds that can change the lives of our target audience. Truly speaking, there is someone out there waiting to receive your wisdom and why to keep it within when you can inspire the world with your knowledge.

So, the best way to get started is to think what kind of digital assets you love to build and start building them from today.

Because what you do today with your time, defines your tomorrow’s timeline.

Use it to grow your expertise, share your wisdom and contribute to your fellow beings.

4 thoughts on “How and why you should focus on creating digital assets in 2020?”

  1. Vinoth Parameshwaran

    Well said Priya!
    Online learning through digital platform has been the new normal in this post covid era.
    Excellent blog on the importance of converting your knowledge / skill into digital asset, that could help others to learn and succeed.

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