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If you can speak you can influence. If you can Influence you can change lives.

Rob Brown, Author, Speaker

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    CONNECTING THE DOTS is an Exclusive 12 Hour Live Online Workshop spread across a period of six weeks to develop your Confidence in Public Speaking, Spontaneity of Thoughts, Authentic Storytelling and Enhance your Imagination to become an Inspiring personality.

    Program Description

    Everybody wants to be an Influential and a Confident Speaker. Communicating with Confidence, Initiating a candid conversation, Standing up in front of an audience and delivering your thoughts is much needed to shine in your personal and professional life.

    The biggest challenge for people is, they do not feel prepared when the opportunity knocks at their door. They miss out all vital opportunities to speak up and inspire because they believe they are not spontaneous.

    Going with the Flow, Spontaneity of ideas and delivering speeches with Spot improvisation, and connecting random thoughts into a powerful speech is a skill that everyone can master.

    Do you want to become an extraordinary speaker and be remembered forever for your confidence?

    Would you like to challenge your status quo and become a spontaneous personality?

    Would you like to flow with ease of thoughts and words, connect with your audience and amaze yourself with IMPROV?

    Do you want to create maximum Impact every time you are in front of an audience?

    For any of the above questions, you said YES, then my dear friend your waiting ends here,

    GoldMage Academy presents –

    “CONNECTING THE DOTS”  – A Unique IMPROV Workshop with Priya.

    This is a 6 week LIVE Online Training Program (2  hours each week starting September 13th) to develop spontaneity in your thinking and speaking and make you a confident person.

    Most Importantly, The Classes happen Live Online every week between 6.00 PM and 8.00 PM IST for 6 consecutive Sundays.

    If you want to create impact, have good clarity of thoughts, amazing presence of mind, the ability to connect with examples, grasp a subject deeply, and come across as an expert every single time you speak, this workshop can do wonders to you.

    Moreover, We all admire people who are spontaneous, flowing with creative ideas, build a deeper connection with their authenticity and leave an everlasting impact in our minds.

    Deep inside our minds we truly desire to become that personality. The good news is, it is a skill that can be developed by indulging your mind in an imaginative process coupled with IMPROV techniques.

    How to Join?

    The total fee for the course is Rs. 4999/- and you can directly pay the fees online by clicking the Pay Now button below.

    Target Audience:

    1. Anybody who is interested to develop their Imagination, Flow of thoughts, Personality, Public Speaking skills and Spontaneity.


    In this Workshop, You will reap so many real benefits and few of them are:

    1. Self Realization and Confidence
    2. Success in Public Speaking
    3. Assimilation of Thoughts
    4. Intense personal coaching
    5. More Power to your Thinking and Speaking abilities
    6. Spontaneous and a Vibrant Personality

    Why you should not miss this Workshop?

    1. It is your best chance to enhance your personality.
    2. Your passion for speaking in Public will grow multi-fold and as a result it will help you to grow immensely in your profession and business.
    3. The workshop makes you confident in all your future endeavors.
    4. Every week you will learn ground breaking techniques and get to practice them with the focus group.
    5. You get to learn and discuss with like minded people.
    6. You will flow with ideas and would love to share them with your audience. All your inhibitions will get away and you will become a proactive person.
    7. You will have an incredible personal transformation in the way you think and perceive the world.
    8. You will become more creative, more joyful and a more fulfilling person.
    9. And the best part is, You will be coached by Priya, a mentor who is truly committed and sincere for her students growth.
    10. What more you do you want, I gave you 9 reasons why you cannot miss this amazing self development opportunity, so join me in this journey and lets grow together.


    Program Fees

    Rs. 4999/- all inclusive (12 Hours Live Online Workshop)

    Pay Now online to get registered. However, In case of any queries, please leave your contact details in the Contact Me Form, We will get in touch with you.

    Check out the experience of Connecting the Dots Batch 1:

    “Connecting the Dots” workshop fosters:

    1. Spontaneity

    – Firstly, the program helps you to develop your spontaneity. Every Session of the program has Extempore and Impromptu talks, letting you flow from within. You will be given opportunities to tap into your mind and you will learn to express yourself powerfully with simple and effective techniques.

    2. Presence of Mind

    – The most important aspect of an Influential personality is having a great presence of mind. In addition to Impromptu talks, the program helps you to understand the power of now through mindful practices like scenario description, observing and sharing powerful life experiences and completely lets you build your presence of mind.

    3. Powerful Storytelling

    – A good story has a great intuitive and positional dynamics. In addition to the presentation dynamics, You will learn the difference between telling a story to showing a story. Showing a story is taking your audience to relive the moment of narration. This workshop helps you to learn the power of positional dynamics and makes you an excellent storyteller.

    4. Flow of Thoughts and Words

    – When you are authentic, words flow automatically. The biggest education is the life experiences of each individual. Learning to communicate with your thoughts and flowing with words is a skill of great authenticity and you will learn the art in this workshop.

    5. Self Awareness

    – Self Awareness is the first step in building your confidence. Subsequently, This workshop helps you in realizing about your tenet and core personality, and as a result you will fall in love with the person you are and begin to respect yourself and would present your strength to the world with more confidence.

    6. Personal Growth

    – When you start expressing your thoughts to people confidently, you will feel a deep personal growth and this workshop lets you challenge your status quo. In other words, there are debates, dramatics, Improv exercises, inquiry learning, imaginative talks that help you to empathize and become a better human being.

    7. Inspiration

    When you are liked by people that is when you can inspire them. This program can definitely make you an inspiration and a super star when you speak in Public because being likable is the fundamental skill all of us need to master.

    In conclusion, If you are someone looking to work with a small committed group and practice creative techniques to work on your speaking skills and in your personal growth, this program is completely meant for you.


    Mr. Bhuvanesh is the CEO of KRM Group and is a part of Connecting the Dots Program.
    Lets hear what he has to say about the program.

    Ms. Padmapriya is managing Mind Tree NGO and a High Court Lawyer in Chennai and Let us hear what she feels about the workshop.

    Mr. Prasad is an Academic Dean from Velammal Group and take a look what he feels about Connecting the Dots Workshop.

    What are you waiting for? Pay Now and Sign up to the Program today.

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