A complete guide to build your first online course

  • Last Update November 17, 2020


Dear Friends,

If all you love is sharing knowledge and teaching your students a skill set, getting online is indispensable in this techno-friendly era.

Start your online school of courses and teach the world.

Online teaching helps you create a passive income stream and this is a great way to gain your financial freedom!!

This course is a step-by-step guide to start your online teaching journey.


  • Create online courses that actually sell
  • Come up with great online course topics
  • Validate your course idea to make sure it will be profitable
  • Design an engaging outline to get great student reviews
  • Design individual lesson plans
  • Understand the equipment needed to get started on low budget
  • Edit more engaging and high quality videos
  • Launch your course successfully even without an audience
  • Choose a platform(s) to put your courses on
  • Sell courses in marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare
  • Self-host your courses with tools like Teachable and Thinkific
  • Publish and start selling your course online

Along with the video content of the course, there are many bonuses.


  • Downloadable resources and guides
  • Assignments that make you productive while taking the course
  • An instructor who truly cares about your success

What Will I Learn?

  • The Participants will get guaranteed success in creating and launching their first online course.

Topics for this course

21 Lessons


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Your Learning Outcomes?

You will learn the following: 1. Fundamentals of Online Course Creation 2. Creating your Course Outline and Lessons 3. Publishing your Course Online 4. Sell Your Course and Monetize

Fundamentals of Online Course Creation

Step by Step Guide to Create your Course

Publish your course

Sell your first online program

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This course is extremely simple and has effective lessons that has helped me to create my first course. I have to say this course has been really helped me to get started with my online journey. Thanks to Priya. Looking forward more such useful products from you.

This is one of the most profound yet simplest courses I have ever attended about online course creation. I finished the entire course in one shot! The lessons were simple, crisp and powerful. If you are looking to get started with online course creation, this course is a must-have. You will not only get insights into how to create an online course with ease, it will also help you to see how to make your online course simple, crisp and easy to consume for your audience. Thank you Padmapriya Ramkumar. Many blessings to you.

The idea of creating digital assets, I learned from Priya. She is an amazing person as well as an amazing trainer. This program of 'building your course online' is well structured and very well delivered online program. And it's an awesome program. For somebody like me who is not very adept in the digital world, this program has given me a clear direction to move forward in the digital world. I am super happy to have enrolled in this program.

It was the apt course for me. Very insightful. Priya has structured this course very well. I really liked the way she has presented the entire course and grateful to her for providing the additional resources or tool kit. I recommend this course to all the people who want to create their online course.

Priya has created a very doable Online Course with great clarity and lucid instructions. The course and its presentation has some valuable takeaways for a beginner..!

Kamini Bhasin

This course is a real eye-opener to all those who want to launch their online course. Priya has made it very simple,easy to understand using her effective narrative style and sharing tools that are very handy.I really recommend this course for novices and interested students.Thank you Priya and look forward to your upcoming courses.

I feel so confident, motivated and equipped to start my first online program after attending this course which was so precise and highly informative. Really appreciate Priya for her efforts to make such a useful online program. Looking forward to many more. Thank you Priya!

Very simple and effective approach using the simplest of techniques to make one understand the concepts of online sessions. Makes it easier for all to understand it very easily. Kudos to you Priya and would definitely take immediate action to get started. Thanks once again.

Highly informative , each small details are elaborated clearly , now it's time for me to take action, thank you so much.

The course is a complete guide for beginners who want to make their online presence with their programs.

But as the saying goes, "KNOWING IS NOT DOING. DOING IS DOING". Now, it is for us to put into action whatever has been learnt.

Thank you Priya and Goldmage

Very informative and Inspiring. It almost covers everything right from the scratch to program launch. If you want to take your training program online, I strongly recommend this course.

Very simple and very effective..Thank you Priya!!

Priya has made it crystal clear at the same time keeping it short and sweet. Very well done. A lot of inspirations to carry on and spread them through actions!


Material Includes

  • 1. Video Based Lessons
  • 2. Study Materials and Handouts
  • 3. Action guides for Skill Application

Target Audience

  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Speakers
  • Anybody who wants to coach online