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Scale your Business Online with simplified tech systems with Goldmage.
Learn how to DIY cutting edge website with easy tech,
digital marketing for your products and services, and Video Creation and Editing for solid web presence.

How to become an Online Entrepreneur?

Need help in scaling your Online business? At Goldmage, we guide and mentor you to build and promote your Online business to the next level.

Online Entrepreneurship has become the need of the hour. You need to know the easy way to create and maintain your website, share your services and product promotions with videos, promote your business in social media through advertising and marketing strategies so that you create an impact in this world.

Go through our training programs which will help you to increase your online presence and can guide you to monetize your skills.
Its time to learn and grow to the next level.


Become an Online Entrepreneur today by selling products, services and your knowledge. We will remove all technical barriers and will launch you online. Check out and enroll into our courses exclusively designed for beginners.


Read research based and scholarly articles on Online presence and coaching and tools that will help you to achieve peak performance, brand positioning and online marketing strategies to boost your online growth and much more.


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Hey ,

My name is Priya, your Online Entrepreneurship Coach. I strongly believe all of us deserve the best in life. Being born and raised in a middle class family, I was always told that success means completing your graduation, getting a job and settling in life. Life has to be lived with security. So, I graduated and got myself a full time job in a reputed IT company. Life was smooth and secure as expected. My family was proud of me. In fact, everybody thought i am living the best life being a computer engineer, working for a top company, traveling to the US and making money.

After working more than a decade, I slowly started realizing that I was not living a life that I loved, rather I was living a life that satisfies the people around me. I had no complaints at work but I knew for sure that I could do better.

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